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Alphacam Art

The Additional software Alphacam Art offers many possibilities to create art files in 2D or 3D such as:

• Sculptures
• Panels and doors decoration
• Logos
• Personalized gifts
• Trophies
• Engraving from images
• Medals
• …


Advanced 3D 3 to 5 axis module

This new module, available from version Alphacam 2015 R1 onwards, allows 3- or 5-axes programming of complex parts depending on the machining strategy.

This new module enables you:

• To easily program 3 D solid objects without any limit
• To manage leads in and out as well as moves between the different operations
• To prevent holder and tool collisions with the machined object or different machine elements
• To set the different axis limits of the machine
• To choose different machining strategies
• To save time on the machine setup
• …



TroCAM is an additional Alphacam module that enables you to run all Trotec laser machines, for cutting as well as for engraving or even for managing the divisor).

Thanks to the collaboration with the company Trotec and our large number of users, MW Programmation SA has been able to create this module which is continuously evolving with the machines.

TroCAM also enables you to create programs with many different drawing and editing tools or to import .DXF files.

The following video briefly outlines the benefits of TroCAM.